1. HG bishop Kuzman blessed us yesterday in the vesper prayer and today in the Holy Liturgy, God bless his service.

2. The prayer meeting is scheduled every Friday at 7:30 Pm befor the family meeting.

3. The weekly family meeting is scheduled each Friday from 8 PM; this Friday’s topic will be (the protection of kids and youth from internet disadvantages). For more information please call Hany Guirguis 514-945-8320 or Gihane Wanis 514-704-6766

4. The Church is organizing a trip to Quebec City & Ste Anne de beaupré next Saturday June 16, 2018. Fees: $35 per person. For information and reservation, call Wafaa Aziz 514-244-4537 or Amany Mansour 514-995-0775.

5. Angel’s club is organizing a trip to Granby Zoo on Saturday, June 30, 2018, fees $ 30 for kids and $40 for adults. For more information, call Malak Mekhail.