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Board of Deacons Election 2021

Under the auspices of our beloved father H.G. Bishop Boulos the church is beginning the process of electing the board of deacons.

Please download the Uniform By-Laws for the Coptic Orthodox Churches in North America

By-Laws By-Laws for COC in NA

Please download the Nominees for the Board of Deacons

Candidate Biographies Nominees for the Board of Deacons

Please download the Congregation List

Congregation-List Congregation List

Mahragan El-Keraza 2021

Dear all
Here is important info for this year’s remaining Mahragan activities. The 7-11 Soccer(Boys/Girls) and Beach Volleyball (Boys/Girls) took place today from 9:00am to 14:00

1. Soccer & Beach Volleyball 4-6 (Boys/Girls) mahragan mixed tournament: Saturday; Aug 14 at The ile bizard field, from 9:00am to 3:00pm


571 Boul Chevremont
L'Île-Bizard QC H9E 1P1

2. More details will be posted soon in regards to BB
3.The spiritual/hymns/coptic/memo: Each church will provide info on when this will be held locally at each church.
Transportation is the parents’s responsibility, no bus services this year.
If you have any questions you can contact your local mahragan coordinator at your church.
Thank you

Liturgy Registration

Here is what you need to know/do for the new rules:

1*Make sure to register everyone coming on the Unity Website. https://unityapp.ca

2*There will be a waiting period of 2 weeks between Weekend liturgies/Vespers & Midnight praises.

3*There will be a waiting period of 1 week between Weekday liturgies/Vespers & Midnight praises.

4*These restrictions will be removed @ 7:00 PM the day before the event if there is any place available.


Download Bulletins Download Bulletins
Adobe Acrobat Document

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