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Church News & Events

1. Registration for St-Steven school for hymns, Coptic and Church rites started on Sunday September 30, for boys and girls age 7 to 16. To register please click here: Register Now

2. The meeting of St. John the beloved will be held Tuesday from 11 am

3. The annual Sunday school celebration of the children (up to KG1) will be held today, after the Holy Liturgy at 12:30 p.m.

4. St George church is organizing an event for all couples in all stages of relationship “let’s do marriage right” on October 13, at same church

5. We will celebrate as every year the All Saints Feast October 31, for contribution to fund this event. Call Malak Mekhail 514-945-9906

6. The Church is organizing a trip to the Monastery of St Anthony (Perth) on Saturday November 3rd. Fees: $35 per person. For information and reservation call Wafaa Aziz 514-244-4537 or Amany Khalil 514-995-0775


      The church congratulates her beloved Mena Abader and Nabila Mehawed For the blessed baptism of their daughter Sofia Lea May the Lord bless her upbringing and growth

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