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Church News & Events

1. HG bishop Kuzman blessed us yesterday in the vesper prayer and today in the Holy Liturgy, God bless his service.

2. The prayer meeting is scheduled every Friday at 7:30 Pm befor the family meeting.

3. The weekly family meeting is scheduled each Friday from 8 PM; this Friday’s topic will be (the protection of kids and youth from internet disadvantages). For more information please call Hany Guirguis 514-945-8320 or Gihane Wanis 514-704-6766

4. The Church is organizing a trip to Quebec City & Ste Anne de beaupré next Saturday June 16, 2018. Fees: $35 per person. For information and reservation, call Wafaa Aziz 514-244-4537 or Amany Mansour 514-995-0775.

5. Angel’s club is organizing a trip to Granby Zoo on Saturday, June 30, 2018, fees $ 30 for kids and $40 for adults. For more information, call Malak Mekhail.

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