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Church News & Events

1. The meeting of St. John the beloved will be held next Tuesday at 11AM.

2. The month of Kiahk will start next Sunday. The first praises of Kiahk will be held next Saturday after the vesper prayer.

3. The holly family meeting will hold a lecture with Dr Adel Anderawes @7:30 pm, December 7, about ADD, ADHD, ODD, bahavior troubles, and others mental and psychological disorders.

4. St. John the Baptistís family invites all the parents of the children of age from Kg1, Kg2 & PS3 to a parents meeting next Sunday from 12:15 to 1:15 PM in the church.

5. The Church is organizing poorís supper on Friday 14 of December 2018 at 7 PM at Church, for feeding 2 small village in upper Egypt, tickets are available in the church basement.

6. Angelís club will organize a winter camp starting, December 23th till December 25th, in the church's building; Registration has been started in the church basement.


      The church congratulates her beloved Michael Rezkalla and his wife Karen Beaudry For the blessed baptism of their son Anthony May the Lord bless his upbringing and growth Also The church congratulates her beloved Michael Youssef and his wife Marianne Khalil For the blessed baptism of their daughter Eriny Maria May the Lord bless her upbringing and growth

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